Retirement Planning

Creating a retirement plan is a key component of building a solid financial foundation. We can help you determine how you want to spend your retirement—and how much it could cost.

This analysis will factor in your current and projected income and assets, and uncover potential shortfalls, showing you ways to address them.  We will then help you create a savings and investment plan that combines your near term objectives with your longer term retirement goals and can work with you over time to monitor and quantify your progress.  If you have some of the following questions, our financial security advisors can provide answers and appropriate solutions: 

•          Can I get a financial expert that will be on my side and give me straight answers?
          Am I appropriately invested for this stage of my life?
          Am I paying too much in taxes?
          I don't understand my pension plan. Can someone help me understand my options and provide some direction?
          Should I be structured differently to leave the most for my family?
          Am I on track for a comfortable retirement? Will I ever run out of money?
          Could I be saving money on my mortgage or other debts?
          Can I make better use of my home equity?
          Will my family be financially secure if something happens to me?

We have developed a unique business model that is firmly in the client’s best interest.

At our first meeting we get to know each other. Our financial security advisors will listen carefully to your goals and personal situation. A detailed financial security plan is developed which will help you reach your goals.