Renel Berard

Renel Berard

Financial Security Advisor

Originally from the small community of St. Joseph, Manitoba, Renel went to the local elementary school and later,

finished high school at the all-boys college located in Otterburne, Manitoba. It was during his youth that Renel experienced some of life's challenging moments. These tough moments prepared him for his financial security planning career. He quickly understood that helping clients during difficult times and offering the attentive service was his true passion.

Having lost his father at the age of 10, he soon realized the meaning of protecting your loved ones.

Shortly after finishing high school, he went in the medical field as a Respiratory Technologist. Here he learned about compassion, and the difficulties both emotional and financial that families encountered when faced with illness or death.

Following this experience, he shifted careers and, for 17 years, was successful in the real estate business acting as both an agent and a manager. It was during this time that Renel further grew his compassion for the people he met. Identifying attributes such as what the client may need or the price range was too simple in Renel's mind.

Renel pushed further, wanting the client to find their home. It was this extra consideration that separated him from other agents and families where grateful for this.

Renel joined London Life in 1992 mainly because he wanted to work with families. Financial security plans take on many different characteristics. At the heart of every plan that Renel created, he emphasized protecting the family from financial altering events.

He did this by offering life insurance or disability insurance to make sure that all members of the family were protected. As he learnt early on in his life, families need to take care of each other. He especially enjoyed working with young families since investing early secured their financial well-being as the family grew.

Caring for his own family, this is the career where Renel found his true passion. As the business grew, Renel cared for clients and found it difficult when he could not see them as often as he would have liked. That is why his wife Cecile joined him in the business in 1996. He figured, who better to join the team since they both shared the same family values.

Renel took early retirement in 2003 but left his business in the hands of Cecile and their eldest son Stefane. He is very proud of how the business has grown. Now that Cecile is slowly taking more time for her health, Renel is extremely proud that another son, Christian, who will be joining Cecile and Stefane to carry the torch in the family business. The financial world may have changed immensely since his departure but the core family values of the Berard Financial Group remains constant today.