Berard Financial Group - Financial Planners with years of experience

Renel Berard joined London Life in 1992 mainly because he wanted to work with families. Financial security plans take on many different characteristics. At the heart of every plan that Renel created, he emphasized protecting the family from financial altering events.

Cecile Berard joined her husband, Renel, at London Life. Together they set the base of what was to become the Berard Financial Group Inc.

Stefane Berard found his strength in helping people obtain their goals. Not hard to imagine that he would join his parents Renel and Cecile in the family business

Cecile Berard to further expand her product knowledge, she obtained her Elder Planning Counselor’s designation.

Cecile & Stefane made a major business decision - they incorporated Berard Financial Group Ltd.

Marian DeGuzman joined the Berard Financial Group and became the Head of Administration.

Christian (Chris) having had a very successful career as a product consultant, decided to join Stefane to help manage Berard Financial Group.

Claire Ramos joined the Berard Financial Group as a Marketing Associate.